Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emily, Brooke, and Brinnley visit

The Utah Layton girls came for a visit this past weekend. It was Brooke and Brinnley's first plane ride, but I think the novelty wore off quickly as they had to stop and/or change planes twice. It was a long trip from Salt Lake to Haringen, but Emily said the girls were troopers.

We went to a fun park, the Museum of South Texas History, and out for some great Mexican food, but the best part was just hanging out and playing games together.

Sam was definitely the main attraction, followed by Billy, the fun collection of children's books I have, the swimming pool, taking pictures with the cameras, playing rummy-o and knock-knock, and last came Uncle Jay and Aunt

I'm so glad we get to see them again at Christmas!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 1/2 months old

Everybody told me how fast he would grow up, but nothing can prepare you! Billy is almost sitting up, eating pureed solids, "talking" all the time, and sliding and rolling all over. He is really happy for the most part, but lately he's been more fussy than usual. I think he's about to cut his first tooth, so we'll let it slide. He's a great sleeper, taking 2 naps
a day (1-2+ hours), and then sleeps about 13 hours at night. We're lucky, I know. I keep telling myself that because the next one could be a terrible sleeper, so I am enjoying this! This morning Jay and I woke up at 5:30 to the sounds of heavy rain and Billy talking to himself. He went on and on for a half hour before falling back to sleep (with the help of his thumb, I am sure!). He's gaining more control over his arms and hands, and has started to pull hair and touch our faces. I love when he puts both hands on my cheeks, and then tries to put my face in his mouth!Billy is doing a lot better with solids. I pureed some butternut squash and sweet potato, and I plan on making green beans soon so he doesn't turn orange! He literally sucks his thumb ALL the time, and this doesn't stop when he eats. He likes to shove his thumb in right after I've given him a bite, so feedings are a pretty messy time.I think it's time to move him into a regular bathtub. He moves around so much now, and usually I am soaking wet and the floor needs to be mopped after his bath!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A good book

I haven't read much these past few months. A couple of months ago I read "The Appeal", by John Grisham, whose books I usually love, but I was really disappointed by that one. Everyone has been talking about how good "The Hunger Games" was, so Billy and I finally ventured out to the McAllen public llibrary and I checked it out. Last night I couldn't fall asleep, so I decided to read until I got tired. Problem was, I didn't get tired! I ended up staying up until 1, and then finished it off this afternoon thanks to Billy's long nap! So when does the next one come out?

Here's my token Billy picture (in his 9 month Carters sleeper)!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random things

So I have one of these super cool Vita Mixers. I make a smoothie almost every morning with OJ, acai berry (love this stuff), Greens First powder (thanks, mom!), Flax seed, carrots, yogurt, banana, frozen berries, ice, and sherbet. Jay and I have really noticed a difference since we started using the acai berry. I'm totally not as hungry during the day and I'm finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight! The Vita Mix is awesome. It pulverizes anything you put in there. Well, almost anything . . .

This morning it was making these strange cracking noises and I thought the blade was broken. We ended up with a pretty chunky smoothie, but I was afraid to run the mixer anymore. I was sure Vita Mix would replace whatever was broken, but I would have to send it back to the company and who knows how long it would take. I couldn't handle eating the chunky smoothie; I found a few pieces of seeds and whatnot, so I ended up throwing it out. Jay came home at lunch with a solution to the mixer problem . . . a ROCK! Seriously, a rock. It must have been in the bag of berries. Looked a little like a blueberry, I guess. So we actually ate little pieces of rock today! Do rocks have protein?

William Buckley update:
He's still super cute, and super sweet, and a super good night sleeper. We're working on naps now. He's moving around a lot. When we lay him in his crib, he almost instantly rolls onto his tummy, and ends up shimmying up to the corner of his crib.
When he's on his tummy, he likes to push his butt into the air.He has definitely discovered his feet. He likes to suck on his big toe.That or his thumb. He prefers his thumb to a pacifier. I usually find him with his thumb in his mouth when I go get him after a nap.
We also have a new nephew. Jay's sister, Emily, gave birth to Rodney Jones Kleinman on Labor Day!