Wednesday, April 14, 2010

12 month check-up

It's hard to believe that our little boy is already a year old. He is so much fun. We've noticed big changes in his development since we've moved. He has really thrived on being able to crawl and cruise around basically wherever he wants without being told, "No, sir! Don't touch that!" In our tiny apartment, we had stuff everywhere! I couldn't baby-proof the place, so poor Billy couldn't do anything. Here, at the house, there is so much room for him to explore, and all sorts of little stairs and rails to play on. In the last two weeks, he has learned to go feet first down stairs and off the couch, use the rails to step down into the family room, and has finally begun to stand alone for a few seconds! William loves playing outside. He does a little bear walk crawl so he doesn't scratch his knees up, and heads straight to the dirt, where he proceeds to grab handfuls of dirt and watch it fall through his fingers. Such a little boy. He also loves books, mostly just pulling them all off of his bookshelf, but sometimes he sits and turns the pages. :) William also weaned off of formula last week, and we're working on the transition to a cup, but he's doing well with it. It's so nice not to have to clean bottles every night! He's a good eater, and enjoys peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or just about anything we are eating.

At his check-up today, Billy clocked in at 25.3 lbs and 31" tall, dropping into the 80th percentile!

Monday, April 12, 2010

William Buckley's 1st Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Billy! Jay's co-workers and the Thomas' came over to celebrate with us. Amy made a cake to look like a big doughnut. (see pic below) It looked awesome, and tasted better! Thanks Amy! We were floored by everyone's generosity in bringing Billy gifts! He scored big time! Here are some fun pics from his celebration.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Move

Since Melissa is working hard to unpack the place I've been tasked with posting a few pics to satiate you're "need" for information on the Texas Brimhalls.

First off, Happy Easter! This is the best we could do. Billy wasn't cooperating. Just as a side note, this was the first time I had the opportunity to use our Manffrotto tripod for things other than supporting my spotting scope whist out sighting in a rifle. It is a great piece of hardware.

As many of you may know, we moved out of our apartment in McAllen into a house last weekend. For the first time in our grown lives, we asked for help from the Elder's Quorum. Along with a couple friends from work, we had our Bishop and our EQ 1st Councelor show up help load the truck. The move went quick. We started at about 9:30 and finished before noon last Saturday the 27th of March.

Below is a picture Melissa took of our Penske truck and the procession of help we had leading to our new place. If you look closely, in the F-150 behind the Penske, you can see our Elliptical machine, and that is Bishop's car behind the F-150. They're both big guys too, which helped a ton.

We've been feverishly unpacking boxes, breaking down boxes, setting up rooms, taking care of Billy while the other one works, sweeping the tile (no carpet in the entire house)...Billy has actually kind of enjoyed it. The proof:

I am happy to finally have a place to play my drums.

I played for the first time on Friday. After about 30 minutes of playing I heard a knock on the door. It was a McAllen Police Officer. He said a neighbor had complained about "loud music." I asked about the city ordnance to which he replied "all they have to do is complain."

Now, I know that is malarkey, but I held my tongue. I made a phone call to my boss, who is pretty well connected and I looked up the city ordnance myself to indeed check. She called back and said I was fine to keep playing. We concluded that while the wording is vague, I was playing at 11AM, indoors for crying out loud, so I was well within my rights.

Anyhow, I've taken the necessary steps to seal up the windows with dense Sheetrock to absorb, or shield the sound. I've also gone and talked with my neighbors as to preclude any further entanglements with the PD...and just to be a good neighbor. Any fines will be thrown out, but I'm going to try and do my part so it doesn't get that far...we'll see.

Here are some more pictures of Billy at the park; Billy, Sam, and my friend/colleague Jaime's puppy when they came over to help me with a project on Friday night. Enjoy!

Melissa and Billster coming down the slide.

Billy subsequently going back up.


Frontal shot.

Missing link style.

So glad he isn't scared of dogs. Nothing is more annoying than a little kid scared of dogs...and people who say irregardless.

Such a happy little boy.