Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What? Are you sure? Keep looking! Ha, just kidding! I admit, I was actually kinda shocked at first; I was so sure she was a boy! Dad's intuition told him she was a she, but he couldn't convince me.

It's hard to believe we are having a girl. She'll be the first granddaughter on the Brimhall side, and will even things up 5-5 on the Layton side. We're super excited, though I don't think I'm ready for all the threats of pink clothes! :) I gotta admit, it will be nice to shop from a decent selection of clothes instead of the 2-3 racks of boys' things!

The ultrasound pictures weren't as good as Billy's were, but I have to remind myself that I was 3-4 weeks further along when I had my ultrasound with him. Anyway, here's the best picture:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Melissa went to investigate what sounded like a specter terrorizing the house...

Turns out it was just Billy being a silly kid.

The beginning is a black screen because she started off filming his closed door in order to record the noises. Turn your volume up and keep watching!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream Theater!!!

Even though...

Their set was only 50 minutes...

The people we sat by had to get up and go get beer every 24.3 seconds...

We were kinda far away from the stage...

Melis was kinda sick...

We had a great time, and DT was amazing!!!

For your viewing and listening pleasure, here is a smattering of DT from the SA show as recorded by Melissa via her new FLIP video which she bought for her birthday.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer fun!

Thanks for the pics, Natalie!

We have had so much fun lately: a trip to AZ to see Jay's sister get married, hang out with family, and catch up with friends, a trip to San Antonio to see Dream Theater and visit with family, and my birthday, the big 31! So here's my excuse for not writing about everything sooner: I've been sooo sick! So apparently when you are pregnant, you are more susceptible to sickness and you get everything a lot worse than if you weren't pregnant. I wouldn't know. My first pregnancy was super easy! I think it all started with allergies in AZ (yes, I'm now allergic to AZ), and then on the plane ride home, it turned into a nasty cold with nasal congestion (that was the most miserable plane ride EVER). So the next day, my birthday, was spent either in bed or on the sofa! Still a good birthday, though! I didn't work the rest of the week, and ended up getting a z-pack from my OB. That was 2 days before we left for San Antonio. That same day, Billy woke up with a fever. Uh, what? This is the FIRST time he has ever been sick. I honestly wasn't too sure what to do! :) It went up to 101.6, so I called his pediatrician, and they had me bring him in. He diagnosed him with a viral infection that would just run it's course. Poor kid. So here we were leaving for San Antonio the next day, to stay with Bryan and Natalie, who have 2-month-old. No way I could have Billy around little Bryan. So we stayed in a hotel instead. Billy was kind of up and down during the weekend, and seems to be getting over it now, but he still has a cough. Is that the worst sound in the world, or what?? I feel so bad when I hear him cough!

I'll add more pics and a little video from the concert later . . . maybe! :)