Saturday, February 7, 2009

28 weeks

I'm finally to the point where I actually look pregnant instead of just putting on weight! Hooray! Over my first 6 months, I didn't gain very much weight, but at my 28-week appointment, I tacked on 8 pounds! So not good for one month, I know! So my doctor walked in, looked at the computer to see that I had gained 8 pounds, and said, "Wow, you've really blossomed!" Uh, thanks, doc! Nicely put, coming from my very much overweight OB. Here's a pic of me at 28 weeks and then at 29 weeks.

For Christmas, Jay and I finally bought an elliptical! We've
been wanting one for a long time in order to cut down on the hours we spend at the gym. We were especially happy to have it for the first few weeks after New Year's when everyone and their dog decided they were going to start working out. It's finally starting to die down a little, thank goodness.

I've been getting up early every morning to do cardio before work, and Jay goes to the gym early to lift weights. After work, he does cardio while I hit the gym. I'm still lifting weights, but I'm going a little lighter and being careful, of course. So far, so good!

Here's a picture of Sam enjoying our nice weather (minus the ice episode a couple of weeks ago). He loves sitting outside in the sun, but we hate all of the dead grass he brings inside! Thank goodness our friends bought us a Roomba for Christmas!