Thursday, December 17, 2009

San Antonio

We took a short trip to San Antonio this past weekend to visit Bryan, Natalie, Maya, and Steve (in utero). :) It was so nice to get away for a few days and see our only family within a day's drive! It's amazing how much Maya has changed since we last saw her in July. For one thing, she is the tallest two-year-old I've ever seen! She was pretty cute with Billy, but Sam was only fun from a distance!

We went to Bass Pro Shops, and Billy enjoyed sitting on dad's shoulders. This is much easier than carrying him for extended periods of time. Usually my arm starts to ache after less than a minute if I'm not supporting him with both arms, and then I start to ache after about three minutes! That's what 23 lbs packed into a little 8-month old body will do to you.

We went to the Riverwalk to see the Christmas lights on Saturday night. Notice what Billy is holding on to as he sits on dad's shoulders!