Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smiling Billy

I love Billy's smile! He smiles in response to us more and more everyday, and we've finally been able to catch a few with the camera! He is such a sweet baby! I absolutely love being a mom and I am so glad that I am able to stay home with him!

Friday, May 8, 2009

William Buckley Brimhall

William Buckley Brimhall was born on April 10th at 12:25 pm via cesarean delivery. He was 8 lbs, 12 oz, and 21 inches long. Billy was in a frank breech position, meaning that his head was at the top of my belly, his butt was in the birth canal, and his legs were straight up by his head. Since Billy's legs were in that position for so long, this continued to be the most comfortable position after he was born!
I love this picture of Jay holding BIlly because it puts everything into perspective to see just how small the little guy really is.
Notice exactly HOW Billy is holding the pacifier in his mouth, as well as how BIG those hands are!
Sam was very anxious about Billy at first. He would get very nervous when he cried, and had to be right there with us all the time. The first time I put Billy in the crib, Sam laid in the hallway keeping an eye on him. He doesn't seem as anxious anymore, but he still follows us everywhere (well, he used to follow me everywhere anyway, but that's beside the point).
Jay (with much appreciated help from his parents) moved us out to McAllen, TX, when Billy was 2 weeks old. We've been here for two weeks now, and are beginning to get settled. I still have a lot to do to organize our apartment, but that's what you get when you move from a 3 bedroom house to a small 2 bedroom apartment! Sam really misses having a backyard to sunbathe in and watch squirrels. Now he has to wait for me and Billy to take him out for walks, which is not enjoyable in this upper 90 degree weather (plus humidity, ugh)!