Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Super cute pictures of Billy

Our "little" guy is already 7 months old! As you can surely tell from the pictures, I use the term "little" VERY loosely! He's nearly 22 lbs and getting hard to carry. Here he is in his cute church outfit (thanks Natalie!).

He is usually a very happy baby, and loves to show off his dimples. It's so funny when I take him out to run errands. People can't get over his blue eyes, and they always end up touching his face, saying "chulo, chulo," to which he usually flashes a winning smile, deep dimples and all, completely winning over anyone he meets.

It's finally cooling down a little here, so I jumped on the opportunity to put on his winter clothes. Unfortunately, between the spit up and drool, he was in a new outfit by lunchtime! I made my two boys pose for some cute pictures while the clothes were fresh!
By the way, when I say "cooling down," I mean upper 70's, low 80's, but you should see the way people are dressing now! You'd think it's 40 degrees out! We're still wearing shorts and t-shirts and loving it!


Thursday, November 5, 2009


On Friday night we had a ward Halloween party / carnival.

Here's Billy with Emma, whose costume he LOVED! He couldn't keep his hands off of her! :)

My nerdy YW (and sweet Raggady Ann!).

On Saturday we got together with some friends and went out trick or treating. Billy loved being on dad's shoulders, and especially (or eXpecially, as many Texans say it) loved to suck / drool on the back of dad's head!

Even Sam got to dress up for Halloween!