Monday, October 25, 2010

Tennis Tournament

There is a new tennis facility literally next door to City Hall where he works, and this past weekend they hosted a tournament with celebrity tennis stars. Jay scored free VIP tickets to the 3rd place and championship matches. We were able to watch John McEnroe vs Michael Chang, and then Jim Courier vs Mark Philippoussis. It was so cool to see these players in person. I had no idea that there was even a league that these guys play in, but there is one called the Champions Series. A friend in the ward offered to watch Billy, so Jay and I had a wonderful 4 hours alone together! Billy's Layton g-parents kept him overnight the day before, so that was 2 "dates" in one weekend. I swear, we haven't been on a date since Jay's sister Julie came to visit us in McAllen over a year ago!

Back to the tennis match, we had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing a few infamous McEnroe "rants," and even got one on video (shot from a distance with my digital camera, so not the greatest quality, but McEnroe hams it up for the crowd, so you can hear him pretty well. My favorite comment, sadly not caught on video, was McEnroe's reply to a lady in the audience who said something about the ball being out. McEnroe said, "You're eighty; you didn't see it!" Alas, he was probably right; we do live next door to Sun City.

John McEnroe

Michael Chang

Mark Philippoussis

Jim Courier (Philippoussis was playing REALLY well) :)

John McEnroe's Last Rant (of the day:))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We are here!

Well, kind of! Billy and I flew in this morning, and Jay and his mom are driving the Penske truck. Thank goodness we got to fly because a few hours on a plane with an 18 month old has to be better than 20+ hours in a car with an 18 month old! Not to mention being 32 weeks pregnant. There isn't much room for a wiggly toddler on my lap these days!

But speaking of an active 18 month old, Billy went to nursery last Sunday for the first time! That was so fun to drop him off, and yes, I definitely peeked in on him occasionally through the little window! I walked up during snack time and saw him sitting in one of those little chairs at a little table, and was thinking about how cute he looked, until he picked up a snack and threw it on the ground! The nursery leader had a very confused look on her face as she went over to pick it up. Of course, I'm cracking up at the window because this is exactly what Billy does at home with his little buddy, Sam! But the really funny part was that the other kids at Billy's table had full plates of snacks, and Billy's was nearly empty! And no, they weren't all on the ground. I've been told more than once that Billy is a "good eater," and I think I'm going to hear that a LOT through the years.

We celebrated Jay's 32nd birthday on Monday with lots of packing, running errands, and dinner with friends. Oh, and he (we) even got to see little Reagan on his birthday. She even winked at him! We got an ultrasound picture with one of her eyes open, which I will upload when we get moved in and get our computer set up . . . Anyway, happy birthday, Jay! Sorry it couldn't be a little more relaxing of a day for you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving to Arizona!

I guess it is old news now, but we've just been too busy to blog about it! In fact, there are many other things I really should be doing right now, but I wanted an excuse to post some cute pictures of the Billster, so now is as good a time as any!

We are leaving in one week and one day. It's crazy how fast everything happened, but we feel so blessed that it all has worked out as well and as quickly as it did. We are so happy to be able to be in Arizona among family when our baby girl is born in early December. I'm 31 weeks today.

If you read our blog, you probably already know that we are moving to Surprise. You wouldn't believe how many people I know that have a family member living in Surprise. It's a small world in mormon-ville! We are super excited. All we need is a place to live . . . Thank goodness for a family full of realtors to help us out! And thank you to all of the family members and friends helping us out!

Billy loves stickers. Usually, I put them all over his face and body, and he takes them right off. But lately, when he gets a sticker, he immediately sticks it to his left ear. Over and over again, as you can clearly see.

He never really took a pacifier, much preferring the tasty goodness of his thumb. But lately he has started doing this with his puzzle pieces . . .

We've discovered PBS cartoons.

Sam loves to curl up near him when he's sleeping. It's probably his way of saying thank you for all of the food and doggie treats Billy gives him.

It's crazy how much he has changed. I absolutely LOVE my son's dimples. I can only hope that Reagan has them, too.