Friday, July 29, 2011

Growing up . . .

Too fast. :( I was talking to a friend about this recently. I catch myself thinking (and saying) how great things will be when Reagan can: (fill-in-the-blank). Life got so much easier when she could sit by herself. Life is getting easier now that toys capture her attention for a little while. Life is going to get easier when she can get around by crawling (soon!). But I look back and realize how dang fast things have gone by and how I already miss holding the little baby that didn't squirm around in my arms. Not that I'm ready to go back to sleepless nights anytime soon.

Billy is a sweet, happy kid, but can also be a stinking pill. He hardly lets me take his picture anymore. He gives awesome hugs and kisses. He loves Toy Story. He loves letters and numbers. He loves books. He kind of likes his sister.

Reagan is a sweet baby. She is slightly obsessed with me, but it's getting a tiny bit better. She is 8 months old and totally ready to start crawling. She smiles a lot and has a great laugh! She finally got her two bottom teeth last week. Apparently, she looks a little bit like I did as a baby. Just a little. My dad calls her "Mini-Mo."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July

We enjoyed a cool(er) 4th of July in Prescott this year. We were super happy to miss the near 118 degrees hit over the weekend in the valley of the sun! Jay's sister and family recently moved back to Prescott from Wisconsin, which means cousins Billy's age who live close by! Hooray! It was so fun to see the little boys interacting, and I just imagine how much fun they are going to have together as they grow up. Konrad is 3 and Rodney is almost 2 (4 months younger than Billy). Even now, more than a week later, I still catch Billy saying, "Nah-nee, nah-nee" (Rodney). So sweet!

We went to the parade downtown, watched fireworks at Julie's house. ate good food, and swam. I'm ready to go back! :)