Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Less than 2 days away!

Well, Friday is the big day! The time seems to have gone by so slowly throughout the pregnancy, but now I can't believe it is finally happening. I think working through the pregnancy has been very good for me. Today was my last day, and I am really going to miss everybody. I was blessed to have really great co-workers who I have really enjoyed working with and have taught me a lot. It's been really busy lately, so I really haven't had time to think too much about what is going to happen on Friday. People keep asking me if I am nervous about having a C-section (since the baby is breech), but truth is, I try not to think about it too much. Also, I have friends and a family member who have been very open with me regarding their experiences, which I really appreciate.

I've been really bad about taking and posting pictures, so these two are gonna be shockers! Well, at least to all those who have said, or thought, "You're so tall; you'll hardly show at all!" Uh, right, uh-huh. I'm basically carrying a basketball under my shirt! My belly is way bigger than my mom's ever was. She says it's because I'm carrying so far out in front. On Monday the doctor predicted that the baby was over 8 pounds, so if I went full-term, he would probably weigh around 10 lbs! This is when I feel good about having a c-section!